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Legal Aid Agency On-line Submission 2015
From April 2015 the monthly Legal Aid submissions for controlled work will be uploaded from ResolveIT directly into your organisations online portal within the Legal Aid Agency web based submission system.
ResolveIT has passed all the integration tests with the Legal Aid Agency technical team to ensure that it is now fully compliment with their online submission system.
This will bring the following improvements:

You will no longer need to print and post your claims

You will have up to date views of your current contract financial situation
Errors will be reduced as data is not being rekeyed by the Legal Aid Agency
Legal Aid Agency November 2014 Compliance
First free session for non-legal aided client
ResolveIT has recently been upgraded to support the new mediation fee scheme that was introduced on the 3rd November 2014
The Legal Aid Contract area of the system has had two additional management areas added:
1st Session Free Starts -
this date indicates the start date of the new fee scheme
1st Session Free Ends -
to future proof ResolveIT, this date can be used to switch the scheme off
Legal Aid Agency monthly submissions have not changed.
The change is to the internal Consolidated Return that is produced as a management report showing the value of each item submitted on the return.